Capsule Wardrobes and a Lesson in Decluttering your Brand Messaging

Ok, so I'm a bit of a packrat. I'm that person who keeps an old baggy sweatshirt (circa 1990) just for sentimental value. Or that pair of only-worn-twice strappy sequinned stilettos just in case a formal red carpet gala dances across my calendar next month (you never know). So you can imagine my delight in finding a potential solution to my overflowing closet woes, when I was introduced to the #SparkJoy method embraced by millions of packrats (er, people) around the world.

The brilliant premise of Marie Kondo's New York Times best-selling organizing method is essentially to keep only the things in your life that truly "spark joy". Not just because the item is useful - or may be useful someday into the future. And not just because your favorite aunt gave it to you as a birthday gift two years ago. Only if it truly "sparks joy" as the initial gut reaction when you see or even think of said item. The result of this process is a feeling of self-confidence and a shift towards the things that truly matter to you.

While this decluttering and closet purging exercise sounds quite simple in theory, it can be quite an exhaustive (and somewhat emotional) process. So much so that it's taken me a few tries to get there (still a work in progress) and my ultimate goal is to whittle down my closet to a capsule wardrobe. What is a capsule wardrobe, you ask? Well, simply put, it's a well-edited collection of anywhere from 10 to 30 items of clothing and accessories that coordinate into combinations of outfits to fulfill any occasion throughout the year. So you don't have to struggle nearly as much with that annoying question in your head every morning: "What to wear?". Minimalism at its best. A girl can dream.

It got me thinking about simplifying your messaging when it comes to branding for a particular product, service or organization. What if you had a capsule wardrobe to represent your brand story? What if you had a well-edited collection of brand attributes, key messages and a unique value proposition to articulate and convey to your customers, partners and employees exactly who you are and what your brand stands for?

Take, for example, @fiascogelato and @lonelyplanet. Both brands – one local, the other global – take a very clear, consistent and memorable approach to their brand promise. Locally handcrafted gelato with a strong community spirit. Inspiring travel guides who have been there, done that and tell it like it is.

Why declutter your brand messaging? The result adds up to clarity of message, meaningful and authentic content, improved conversion rates, and laser focus on the things that truly matter for your business. And your customers will thank you for it by coming back for more.

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