Popcorn Shakers and the Flavour of the Week

Ask anyone who knows me and I'm guessing at least 9/10 would say I'm a foodie who #willtravelforfood.

And on a trip to Portland a couple of years ago, I did exactly that. Travel for food (with three of my best gals). Our trip to this Pacific Northwest foodie haven revolved around what and where we were going to eat next. Inventive street food from food trucks galore among lawn chairs and picnic tables in a neighborhood parking lot. A craft beer festival in a grassy green space along the river. A culinary walking tour off the beaten path.  Artisan donuts with Captain Crunch sprinkles dipped in bacon fat (ok, not really, but you get my point.)

Perhaps what surprised me most about the local #PDXfood scene was this amazing independent movie theatre in the heart of the city. The theatre was setup just like a living room with cozy reclining sofas and you could order tapas, desserts and drinks from the (fancy) "concession stand" and have them delivered to your movie sofa. (I know, right? Pretty awesome.)

I'll say that the bizarre and quirky movie we saw that day was just ok. What had me mesmerized were the shiny popcorn shakers ("Flavours of the Week", if you will) of sweet and savory popcorn seasoning placed on a vintage silver tray at the concession stand. Of course, I had to take a photo and I came across this snapshot (see photo on right) the other day while thumbing through my iPhone gallery.

It got me thinking about the "Flavour of the Week".  That fleeting thought around what's hip and trendy and the impulse to jump on the latest bandwagon craze.

I guess you could say it's kind of like content marketing. Sometimes there can be a temptation to jump on the next (hashtag) bandwagon and shoe-horn your brand's message into something totally irrelevant to your target audience (or, gasp, off-brand). While that's certainly not always the case about hashtags - in fact, some hashtags have some serious clout and longevity in social (like this and that) - it's so important that you stay true to your brand voice and serve up relevant and authentic content and conversation for your audience. After all, your community of followers are counting on you 'not' to be just the "Flavour of the Week".

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