Top 3 Ways to Raise Your Social Media Game by Finding Your Tribe

After all the red carpet buzz and that (unconventionally awkward) thank-you ticker tape parade across the bottom of the television screen, these words from this year’s #Oscars show really stood out to me.

“I couldn’t have done it without you. You raised my game.”
- Alicia Vikander, Academy Award-winning actress

Maven & Mention | find your tribe.png

It got me thinking about #findyourtribe – that social phenomenon about finding ‘your people’ with similar interests, talents, motivations, values and ambitions. It rings true in many circles of day-to-day life – and it’s so important in the world of social media. Here’s why…

1. Surround yourself with folks who empower you, push you and motivate you.
Connect with like-minded folks – as well as those who challenge you and introduce you to new perspectives. Your tribe can help you find inspiration from common ground and a sense of belonging, and they can also help you discover new ideas and ways of thinking.

2. Create your own built-in sounding board.
It’s like having a focus group at your fingertips. Take the opportunity to engage and collaborate with your community – bounce ideas, inspire creativity, seek feedback (and give feedback in return). Your community of followers on social media can often evolve into your best cheerleaders and advocates.

3. Give back to your community. 
Show gratitude for your supporters. Ask how you can help. Applaud their successes. Kick-start the dialogue and serve up timely and relevant content for your audience.

In the spirit of finding your tribe and building connectedness, I invite you to join the conversation and follow me on Twitter. Cheers to #community!